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Free Scuba Diving Icon Set from DiveandGO

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Created by DiveandGo, this Free Scuba Diving Icon Set contain 10 beautiful icons, including: anchor, coral, clown fish, mask, pearl, seahorse, sea star, treasure, and turtle. Every icon in set looks outstanding. BTW, more packs too come!

Scuba Diving Holidays- How to Plan?

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Very soon the cold winter will be over and spring will be knocking on your door. Spring is the time for travelling, for thinking about where to go on your vacations. Have you for example decided where you would like to go yet?  What have you considered this year, decisions have to be made? For instance, diving holidays can be an exciting adventure.

So if this is something you would like to try then first we will need for you to get the destination sorted one that it is done it will be it high time to start preparations for diving holidays of a lifetime.In reality the preparation can be as exciting as the holiday itself, there is for example a big list of necessary things you have to consider, do and take with you. Let`s examine these simple steps, so that you can prepare and dream of the adventure to come. First of all, make all the needed reservations, book the hotel, flight tickets and any transfer or car hire, and also make the necessary scuba diving reservations.

If you are thinking about going to some of the most popular diving resorts like Egypt, Hawaii, UAE or somewhere else, remember to pack your diving certificate. If you do not have any, you can often take a diving course within the resort. Mind that this course takes time and some days, so remembering your certificate will make for a more enjoyable holiday.

Diving is great fun but needs plenty of time to get the best from your holiday, so its always better to book as long a trip as you dare, thus you can then rest, bathe, get a good tan as well as have super fun with planned scuba diving. There are a great number of popular diving resorts. Select one and start planning your voyage. In addition to training certificate, you had better remember the other crucial things you may need. Think about these in advance and do not forget at home to pack all documentation, your passport, flight tickets, medical insurance, plus an emergency piece of “plastic” just in case your wallet or purse gets lost. This will help you greatly and you can escape any misunderstandings and any unpleasant situations during your trip, with all the necessary planning in place.

As we have already suggested If you do not have a diving certificate, you are free to address a diving service in the hotel or resort. Just ask the administration and they can provide you with the all information and instructors.

A diver swimming among some fish (vector).

When you are a more serious adventurer you will have all your own equipment and the check list expands to cover things like a suitable scuba costume or wetsuit, breathing apparatus, flippers, a knife and camera if you want to take photos under water. However, do not worry; all of these are available for rent at the diving centre. If you have in the past been diving but feel that you have forgotten some skills, then you can simply take a refresher course. If you want to raise your level of diving abilities, it is also possible to do whilst you are at many of the resorts, all levels at your disposal. Any diving course you take will allow you to venture further and enjoy scuba diving and have fun exploring the beautiful marine world.

Scuba Diving for Beginners, when you have been trained enough in a pool and ready to get into open waters, you will be first guided by the diving with instructor. But, please, follow do remember to follow all the rules prescribed whether you are beginner or an advanced diver. We wish you a nice scuba vacation and exciting adventure. Have a good scuba diving holidays!

Oasis Resort Bohol Island, Philippines

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Have you ever been to the Philippines or perhaps you have only seen the wonderful Island and the tropical paradise resorts on the television? Well, there are some fabulous opportunities for you and your family to enjoy diving holidays at Oasis Resort. This hotel is situated on Alona Beach in Bohol Island. Oasis Resort is pleased to provide its clients with 8 large cottages, 16 separate rooms, a super restaurant, bar and a swimming pool. The cozy cottages built of wood and bamboo welcoming their guests, offering locally places of un-spoilt natural beauty, with such wonderful resources in the surrounding lands covered with flora and fauna of the region… All this provides you with a nice and comfortable atmosphere of an exclusive soothing pacific appeal.

What type of sleeping accommodation is there here? The 6 family rooms having a double bed, a single bed and a pull out bed to sleep up to 4 people. The rest rooms offer 2 single beds and a pull out bed to sleep up to 3 people. Every room is equipped with air- conditioning, a shower, hair- dryer facilities, satellite TV and a terrace having a nice view to the stunning swimming pool and gardens spending gardens. The restaurant is glad to supply its visitors with a menu of international cuisine as well as serving local Filipino delicacies. The restaurants can cater for up to 30 people all whilst sitting contemplating the wonderful views to gardens and ocean.May I recommend the buffet style dinner table for 4, as it is a wonderful arrangement of locally produced food delicacies that you and your guests will savoir for a long time to come.

For those ones wishing to enjoy scuba diving, the Oasis Resort offers a full range of diving services. If you wish you can rent or buy all the necessary equipment at the local shop. So if you have forgotten your wet suit, breathing apparatus and fins, do not worry as all is available. However if you are already qualified remember to bring your PADI Certificate. If you do not have one, you can always take your scuba diving course right here in the Oasis Resort with the local professional instructor. To take a vacation at the Oasis Resort always means you will always find a good approach, with welcoming staff and lots of joy and pleasure to be had.

Scuba Diving for Beginners

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Have you ever tried scuba diving? Scuba equipment includes a set of breathing apparatus, mask, wet suit, a pair of flippers and some additional features. Such as a watch, diving knife and some weights. All of these allow a scuba diver to exist a certain amount of time underwater, performing a range of activities. As a beginner you must go on some scuba diving courses, then buy or rent all necessary devices and equipment and you will be ready for your first ventures into the deep. Scuba diving is an unforgettable experience, once you have tried it, you will want to practice it again and again.

Where can you have gain such an experience? Many warm seaside resorts offer their own scuba diving holidays. Visit some of these destinations and you can become part of the wonderful family of scuba divers. There are many diving centers with programs dotted all around the country at your disposal offering various training packages; these centers offer different levels of scuba experience for the beginner, intermediate and advanced divers alike. They can operate and work with individuals and groups. If you are not so skilled, you had better start your first diving experience in one of these specific locations suitable for a beginner. Among some of the exotic seaside destinations overseas you can try are the Red Sea in Egypt, the warm Indian Ocean around the Seychelles, Maldives, the Caribbean and Dubai ; all of which represent a wonderful beginners paradise.

What is there that gives scuba diving that extra edge? Well, you can explore the splendid marine world of flora and fauna, it is a breathtaking experience. When you see it for the first time, your emotions and excitement will grip your essence totally. This opportunity to get nearer to the marine life and study them close is hypnotic. You will surely see the underwater beauty and start be more at one with the nature. When you see that this world is so fragile and complex, you start to respect every breathing creature.

Scuba Diving for Beginners Course lasts from 3 to 5 days. At the end of course you get the needed portion of knowledge, skills and certificate. When all the learning is over, it is high time to plunge into experience and practice. Select comfortable clothes and equipment. All scuba diving must be performed under suitable instruction and with a qualified scuba instructor. There are several types of scuba diving styles: simple recreational diving for fun, military diving, technical diving and commercial diving. For the holidaymaker, recreational diving is enough. But there are some people so get so addicted with their hobby that they can move to become instructors themselves.

Excitement, Fun And Safety in Scuba Diving

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Scuba diving is one of the greatest underwater adventures you can ever experience. This ever growing sport requires specialist training and equipment, such as breathing apparatus along with a good knowledge of what and how to do it. The word scuba itself is derived from the underwater breathing apparatus, as a generality there are two types of scuba diving, being that of professional diving and that of recreational diving. Usually recreational scuba diving is performed in open waters near reefs and coral plantations. It is obviously far more pleasurable to perform this diving in the clear tropical waters around the planet.

These crystal tortoise warm waters are so clear you can see all inhabitants and offer a fabulous and splendid experience. There are many more and various famous scuba diving locations, seas and oceans around the world where you can enjoy these nice experiences and have super fun during your diving holidays. You can research find your own ideal spot for diving, where you will be very comfortable as it will be your choice, somewhere where you can come back time and time again. Or if you like diversity, you can change diving locations and find something new and more interesting and exciting somewhere else every time you want to dive.

But, you have to remember to take time with you all necessary scuba equipment- scuba diving suit and all the necessary diving accessories, including breathing apparatus and of course your PADI certificate that shows the dive master that you are qualified to dive.

Scuba diving is a great fun but you have to understand safety point in scuba diving. If you keep to the rules scuba diving will become one of the most exciting and thrilling experience in your life, but please take all the necessary precautions to heart and diving safety rules will become second nature. Instructors are available for at all of the diving holiday resorts around the world, they are there to help you gain your certificate so that you will be able to dive in open waters. You will normally take these fun courses in the hotel or resort pools or in closed water areas where you can follow all diving instructions and practice your techniques.

So you will be ready to freely dive into Open Ocean, you will have this wonderful feeling and be able to embrace the whole ocean and realise the essence and mission of all efforts swimming with creatures of this planet earth. One must remember and fully understand is that the sea is the world for sea creatures not for human beings. It is their world where they live, eat, survive and give birth to the next generations, thus respect their world as you would respect your own front room. You have stepped in their world- their home – their castle, so behave and they will allow you to watch their behavior and beauty as they swim naturally by you.

Hopefully we have teased you into think that diving is a fun thing to do, so why not examine the potential of a marine diving holiday. Discover the beautiful marine life and undergo seawater adventures available today? There are various courses and diving lessons Scuba Diving for Beginners available all over the world.

Archeological Diving in Alexandria, Egypt

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Very interesting post about diving in Alexandria, Egypt. It is extraordinary. Read more LINK – State of The Art, Real-time, Dive Holiday Booking Site – Officially Launched Today

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Whether visitors to thinking about taking up diving or already highly qualified deep sea divers, the brand new website provides everything they need to get the best possible diving holiday experience.
Whether visitors to thinking about taking up diving or already highly qualified deep sea divers, the brand new website provides everything they need to get the best possible diving holiday experience. Put simply, allows divers to create, view, compare and book a complete, bespoke dive holiday all in one convenient place.

Abel den Hartog, managing director of, said: “We appreciate there are a lot more factors to take in to account when you are trying to sort out a dive holiday, than with a more conventional break. Our site takes all these diving-related factors into account – destinations, themes, budgets, equipment needs – you really can tailor a break to your exact requirements. Booking dive packages, multiple flights, comparing prices and checking real-time availability is easy. Our friendly and experienced team are all divers themselves, and have created a site that has absolutely everything to make a dream diving holiday come true.”

Real-time availability makes the choosing easier

Drawing on two decades of experience in the dive holiday sector, Abel says visitors to the site benefit enormously from real-time booking. “They can immediately see availability at the hotel of their choice. We’ve made our site as simple and intuitive as possible, so divers can book their holiday of a lifetime or a short weekend close to home – from Stoney Cove to the Galapagos and pretty much everything inbetween – the choice is there for them.”’s dynamic, real-time booking system also shows flights, car rentals, live-aboards and accommodation availability, all in one place. Visitors can use the site search facility to find inspiration, then find dive operators, scuba resorts, live-aboards and diving tours that suit their desires and budget. They can then book flights, car hire and accommodation using the site’s unique, real-time, live booking system – all on the same site.

Understanding divers’ needs

“DiveandGo has long been a dream for me. It represents the evolution of my business idea to fit the needs of increasingly savvy consumers, and utilises web technology at its best. I’ve drawn on all my diving knowledge, and joined forces with established IT and marketing companies, that have created a superb back end which does all the work for our visitors. It’s a system that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago,” added Abel, a keen diver himself.

About is launched by Diving Holidays, a renowned tour-operator from the Netherlands and one of the largest retailers for diving holidays in Europe, trading for over 15 years. Diving Holidays has a solid background and extensive knowledge of the diving holiday industry, its professional and dedicated team all share a passion for diving, travelling and online marketing expertise.